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June Cline with Open Heart Communications and Samuel Hayes III with Caliber Training Group

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-24-14 Group 1

Craig Williams (Co-host), June Cline, Wendy Guarisco (PR Agent) and Sam Hayes


June Cline/Open Heart Communications, LLC

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-24-14 June Cline 1

June Cline, CSP is the Southern, Sassy and Savvy Harley Riding Humorist. As President of Open Heart Communications and author of “Is It God Or Is It Gas?” her writing is also featured in “Humor Me” along with sixteen of the nation’s other top humorist. June is also co-host of The Happiness Recipe Radio Show which is currently being heard in 43 States & over 20 Countries.  Over 1,500 corporations, associations and colleges such as Toyota, PetSmart, National Dental Association and a slew of other names you’d recognize have benefited from her teaching them the ROI of LOL: Return On Investment of Laughing Out Loud.

A former college administrator, June draws on her experiences in education, banking and career development to teach audiences to use humor to gain recognition, respect and reward. June’s wisdom has appeared in publications as diverse as CNN, The Boston Globe, INC, Selling Power, Harvard Management Communication Letter, Competitive Edge, Redbook, First For Women, and by Gannett News Service’s syndicated columns.

When June isn’t teaching audiences about the power of laughter she can be found riding her Harley-Davidson, “Good Golly Miss Molly” through the scenic mountains of North Georgia. Her riding experiences inspired her latest project, the creation of her one woman show, “A Night of Levity and Laughter with June Cline,” targeting pre thur post menopausal woman and the people who love them.  Entitled, “Make It A Great Ride!” June inspires all who hear her that regardless of the bumps in the road, we still have the power to make it a GREAT ride!     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook


Sam Hayes/Caliber Training Group

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-24-14 Sam Hayes 1

Samuel R Hayes III is a physical security expert, firearms and combatives instructor and  close personal protection specialist with over 20 years of experience in corporate security operations and protective services for high profile individuals. Hayes has also worked  extensively with various law enforcement and government entities in support of protective  details for key political figures and visiting dignitaries.

He served in Desert Storm and as a private security contractor, was deployed to provide security for BP following Hurricane  Katrina. Today Hayes is CEO and lead instructor in his personal defense training and  consulting company, Caliber Training Group, LLC.   Linkedin   Twitter   Twitter (Sam)   Facebook


Buckhead Business RadioX 06-24-14 Wall of Fame


Buckhead Business RadioX 06-24-14 Group 3


Special Episode Jim Durrett with Buckhead (CID) Community Improvement District and Co-Host Michael Moore


Jim Durrett and Michael Moore

Jim Durrett and Michael Moore


Jim Durrett/Buckhead (CID) Community Improvement District

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-17-14 Jim Durrett 1

Jim Durrett, an Atlanta native, directs all activities of the Buckhead CID.  Jim has been promoting smart growth development and livable communities since 1996, when he left his hydrogeology practice and went to work at the Georgia Conservancy.  From there his career took him to the Metro Atlanta Chamber where he was VP of Environmental Affairs, to the Urban Land Institute where he was founding executive director of ULI Atlanta, and to the Livable Communities Coalition where he was founding executive director.  He came to the Buckhead CID in September of 2009 and serves full time as the Executive Director.  Jim is an avid bicyclist, a member of Leadership Atlanta’s class of 2013, and serves on several boards, including MARTA’s board of directors.  Jim and his wife, Pat, have two boys currently attending college.     Linkedin     Twitter


Co-Host Michael Moore/The Ritz Group

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-17-14 Michael Moore Michael E Moore is a farm kid from Alabama, an Eagle Scout, a military officer during an unpopular war, a recovering banker and entrepreneur. Michael received his BS degree in accounting and finance from Auburn University in 1972 and served his country as a U.S. Army officer. He relocated back to the South (Atlanta) with his wife Karen in 1975 to work for the Citizens & Southern National Bank. Michael has been involved with business since the age of 8 as a farm kid running a produce stand and more recently he’s helped to found and fund new and grow companies for the benefit of our economy. Michael has a passion to help people develop their skills and connect with the right opportunities to derive a high value from their experiences.

Mr. Moore shares beliefs that to succeed you must invest with those close by and use the skills on the team to set and accomplish objectives (goals). Michael brings over forty years of diverse experience in leadership, banking, manufacturing, retailing and business start ups to the table. He also can burn up, tear up or just about destroy old paradigms of thinking as that relate to execution of an idea while keeping the team moving forward. Michael has been involved with professional growth as a personal and business coach for his entire career. Michael currently is involved as an ambassador for the Ritz Group a board member of the Atlanta Micro Fund and the College Park Entrepreneur Fund.     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook



Rodney Sampson with Opportunity Hub, Andrew McConnell with VacationFutures, Katharine Mobley with WeCareCard, Megan Johnson and Marcus Cannady with Sparkmarket, Brett Grayson with Good Country Films

Ritz Group Radio 06-10-14 Group 7

Megan Johnson, Brett Grayson, Andrew McConnell, Tres Crow, Marcus Cannady, Katharine Mobley, Rodney Sampson


Rodney Sampson/Opportunity Hub

Ritz Group Radio 06-10-14 Rodney Sampson 1

Rodney Sampson is an innovator, serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and consecrated bishop. Via his Episcopal affiliations with the International Bishop’s Conference and Kingdom Manifestation, Sampson shapes innovative economic policy, opportunities throughout society & culture.

As a serial entrepreneur, Sampson co-founded Multicast Media Networks ( in 2000 (sold in 2010). Not stopping there, Sampson co-founded Intellect in 2002, Intellect Inspire in 2006, and Legacy Opportunity Fund in 2007. At present, Sampson is building Opportunity Fund, a U.S. based “super crowd fund” and crowdfunding platform designed to provide underserved communities access to investment opportunities traditionally reserved for accredited and institutional investors. He also serves on the boards of a learning company, a New York-based merchant investment bank and a community development corporation.

Passionate about advancing the cause of entrepreneurship, investment and Crowdfunding as a way of life for all communities, Sampson leads the diversity and inclusion initiatives of One Three Media, a joint venture between Mark Burnett Productions and Hearst. On the ground, he is the co-founder of the Opportunity Hub, an entrepreneurial eco-space and alternative-funding center for small businesses located at 200 Peachtree in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Sampson is also a Founding Board Member of the Georgia Crowdfunding Association, an advocate of the State’s “Invest Georgia Exemption” legislation.

Sampson is regularly called upon to advise and speak to nations, businesses, universities, and bishops who employ thousands and lead millions of constituents and communities around the world. The author of four books, Sampson’s latest book is Kingonomics: Twelve Innovative “Currencies” for Transforming Your Business & Your Life, Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   Opportunity Hub  Linkedin   Twitter   Facebook
@ohub200  @KingdomEconomic


Andrew McConnell/VacationFutures

Ritz Group Radio 06-10-14 Andrew McConnell 1

Andrew McConnell initially came up with the idea for VacationFutures after  hearing two vacation homeowners who were self-managing their properties tell  horror stories of the time and hassle involved. With an undergraduate degree  from Harvard College, law degrees from Harvard Law School and Cambridge  University, and experience working with some of the largest companies in the  world during his time at McKinsey & Co. and Axiom Global Inc., Andrew is  excited to apply all he has learned to the vacation rental industry in order to  create a better experience for homeowners, rental managers, and renters alike.     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook


Katharine Mobley/

Buckhead Business RadioX 05_06_14 Katharine Mobley (1)Spending 15+ years in the advertising and PR world, Katharine Mobley decided it was time for a change, and became the Chief Marketing Officer, of WeCareCard, a revolutionary crowdfunding technology powered with a prepaid debit card.


She is using her previous experiences of working with some of the world’s largest brands; Coca-Cola, DASANI, Bank of America to name a few, to share the WeCareCard story. This is an exciting time for startups and a MUCH faster pace than 1999 – of course we were on dial up back then!  WeCareCard’s patent pending prepaid technology offers unique services to those participating in the rapidly growing crowdfunding market. WCC allows one cardholder to register a card in time of celebration or hardship, but allows multiple donors to donate through our secure platform. 
WCC is entering into two industries that have exploded in the last couple years – prepaid and crowdfunding. The prepaid industry is expected to top $594B this year, and the crowdfunding industry is expecting $5.1B in revenue.

Currently we are looking for personal investors, not your typical ‘startup’, as our team is lead by, Phillip Qualls CEO, a 20+ year veteran and serial entrepreneur in the technology, payments and financial sectors. Previously, Phillip was a partner of Money Network Financial, which was acquired by First Data in 2007. He continued to serve as acting EVP/ GM of Money Network for First Data until 2009, deepening his expertise in the FinTech sector.     Linkedin    Twitter     Facebook


Megan Johnson/Sparkmarket

Ritz Group Radio 06-10-14 Megan Johnson 1

Megan is not only the founder and CEO of Sparkmarket she is also a Georgia attorney with six years of experience with financial transactions and general business law. She is dedicated to creating a new marketplace for quality and sustainable local investment opportunities accessible by everyday Georgia residents.     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook
Linkedin (Megan)


Marcus Cannady/SparkMarket


Ritz Group Radio 06-10-14 Marcus Cannady 1

Marketing Strategist & Development at SparkMarket    Linkedin     Twitter


Brett Grayson/Good Country Films

Ritz Group Radio 06-10-14 Brett Grayson 1

From Marine to Attorney to Film Producer, Brett’s professional experience spans quite an impressive  spectrum.



Ritz Group Radio 06-10-14 Group 9


John Schaffner with BuckheadView, Brad Parcells with Projections, Inc., Terri Moss with Buckhead Fight Club, David Kurkjian with MasterMessaging

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-10-14 Group 1

David Kurkjian, Terri Moss, Brad Parcells, John Schaffner


John Schaffner/

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-10-14 John Schaffner 2After a life-time career in newspaper journalism, and with no intention to ever “retire,” John Schaffner launched BuckheadView, an online news site covering news of interest and importance to residents of Atlanta’s Buckhead community. Schaffner launched his professional journalism career in the early ’60s, when he joined the St. Petersburg Times fresh from Florida State University. In the years that followed, he moved from there to The Palm Beach Post and then to The Philadelphia Inquirer prior to joining The Atlanta Constitution as Managing Editor in 1977. Since moving into Atlanta community journalism a dozen years ago, Schaffner has attended nearly every major community meeting and event in the areas he has covered. The Atlanta City Council, the Buckhead Coalition, the Buckhead Business Association and the Northwest Community Alliance have all recognized BuckheadView Editor John Schaffner for his hands-on community journalism. As a resident of Buckhead and active participant in local meetings and events, Schaffner’s coverage provides a perspective that goes far beyond any other community news organization. Schaffner turned 73 recently and has no intention of retiring anytime soon.     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook


Brad Parcells/A Better Leader/Projections, Inc.

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-10-14 Brad Parcells 1A Better Leader improves organization’s managerial and leadership effectiveness for  greater team dynamics, goal achievement, and a stronger and more productive environment. We help those who are: 1. Struggling with leadership effectiveness from front line and secondary level managers/supervisors; 2. Worried that training was inconsistently delivered over multiple locations and managers did not have 24/7 access capabilities; 3. Challenged to administrate such a program requiring many hours of time, effort and other resources; 4. Frustrated that most leadership programs broke their training budgets.

If these or other situations are forefront in your mind, let’s share a discovery conversation about those areas and see if there  is a fit or not. For those who have found a fit, our resources have helped individual and team effectiveness and bottom line  productivity. My core value system is Give-to-Give versus Give-to-Get. Passionate about serving and helping others reach their fullest  potential. Be your authentic self. Elevate your consciousness and awareness and you’ll elevate your energy. There’s no substitute for trust.  I look forward to our conversation, understanding your specific situations and challenges and getting to know you.

Projections, Inc.  We work with determined organizations who need to:  1. Build a stronger workforce; 2. Engage with their employees; 3. Train employees and managers; 4. Reduce turnover; 5. Stay Union Free; 6. Communications and training to be consistently and effectively delivered.

30+ years as the industry leader in employee communications and training improving the connections between employers and  employees and their internal branding & training messages. We deliver both custom and off the shelf communications and  training resources in three distinct media: DVD/video, dedicated interactive websites, and ELearning formats. We also produce  in multiple language and cultural formats enabling company’s to deliver more powerful messages that resonate and connect with  employees.  We work in all industry segments and all size organizations.     Linkedin     Twitter


Terri Moss/Buckhead Fight Club

Terri_Moss_STerri Moss stumbled into boxing only three months before her 34th birthday and at age 36, she made her  professional debut. She became ranked the #2 female fighter in the world in the strawweight division in her first  year in the professional ranks and held that position for most of her career. She went on to fight for five world  titles capturing the WIBF Strawweight World Title and the WIBA Intercontinental Mini Flyweight Title setting a  Guinness World Record in the process, making her the oldest female in the history of boxing to win major a  world championship. That record has since been broken.  Terri began a career as a full time trainer in 2004, and has become well established in the Atlanta boxing  community. After retiring as Champion in 2008, Terri founded Atlanta’s first ever series of white collar  charity boxing shows called Atlanta Corporate Fight Night,” which earned her several awards in 1012  and 2013 including “promoter of the year”, “best local boxing brand”, and “most influential person in  boxing”. Through Corporate Fight Night Terri has raised over $43,000 in funds and sponsorships for local  and national charities including charities such as StandUp for Kids, The Ben Cohen Foundation, Bert’s Big  Adventure, PAWS Atlanta, Semper Fi Fund, and most recently the Wounded Warrior Project to name a few. In  2014, Terri plans to expand Corporate Fight Nationally, then internationally, hosting the first ever UK vs USA  event both in the US and abroad. Terri also serves as coordinator for the Women’s International Boxing Federation (WIBF) and the Global  Boxing Union (GBU) and she serves as chairman of women’s boxing with the Champions of Dignity  Association (CODA). CODA is a major supporter of the Retired Boxers Foundation (RBF).  In 2012 Terri was awarded the CODA Champion of Dignity honorary championship belt, one of her highest  honors, for service and dedication to the sport of boxing. In 2012 Terri also began work on “Boxing Chicks”  produced by Tomorrow Pictures, a full length feature film documentary about the heart and drive of women  who love the sport, and participate in the sport of boxing. Boxing Chicks was featured in the Shadowbox Film  Festival in New York in December of 2013, walking away with honorary mentions for best feature film for the  festival. It is set to be released in summer of 2014. In May 2013 Terri opened Buckhead Fight Club, which serves as home to Terri’s fighters and the Boxing Chicks.   Linkedin   Twitter (BFC)  Twitter (CFN)   Facebook


David Kurkjian/MasterMessaging

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-10-14 David Kurkjian 1David Kurkjian is the founder of MasterMessaging, a consultancy that helps clients overcome the  status quo through effective sales conversations. Specifically sales conversations focused on meaning  and emotion instead of facts and information. His 25 years in sales and sales leadership includes roles  with BellSouth, CareerBuilder, Lightyear Direct and Yodle. During these years David discovered what  scientists can now prove, buyers make decisions based on meaning and emotion and justify those  decisions with logic and reason. Recently David has trained sales teams with Assurant Solutions,  Aflac, Intradiem and others to move their prospects to action through meaningful conversations.  David lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Charlene and his children Kara, David, Katie and Daniel.     Linkedin   Twitter   Twitter (David)


Buckhead Business RadioX 06-10-14 Group 4

David Kurkjian, Terri Moss, Brad Parcells, John Schaffner

 Buckhead Business RadioX 06-10-14 Wall of Fame

Bob Rathbun with FOX Sports South, Debra Thompson with Georgia Tech Alumni Association, Joanne Hayes with Simply Buckhead, Melanie Romanaux with Somedia Solutions

Melanie Romanaux, Joanne Hayes, Debra Thompson, Bob Rathbun

Melanie Romanaux, Joanne Hayes, Debra Thompson, Bob Rathbun


Bob Rathbun/FOX Sports South

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-03-14 Bob Rathbun 1An eight-time Sportscaster of the Year and nine-time Emmy award winner. Former Voice of the Detroit Tigers on 760 WJR and a 17 Year Veteran TV Play-by-Play Announcer at FOX Sports, Currently the Voice of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, WNBA’s Atlanta Dream, SEC College Football, ACC College Basketball and Baseball. As a Motivational Speaker and Author of ‘Fast Forward Winner’ Bob teaches the lessons of competition and success gleaned from the broadcast booth. Audiences are informed and inspired with stories on leadership, personal growth, and teamwork from one of America’s top play-by-play television broadcasters. From students to large corporations, Bob reaches both hearts and heads with a high-energy, high-content presentation     Linkedin     Twitter (Sports)    Twitter  (Speaking)


Debra Thompson/Georgia Tech Alumni Association

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-03-14 Debra Thompson 1Debra Thompson, Sr. Manager of Affinity Groups at the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. Employed 16  years at Georgia Tech. Responsible for managing the Georgia Tech Alumni Affinity Groups and creating  unique ways to engage Alumni and Friends back to Georgia Tech. The Affinity Groups are groups formed  because of a common interest in their Tech experience. These groups include professional, academic,  cultural, and sport groups. The groups offer professional and social networking, mentoring to students,  raising funds for scholarships, and supporting the mission of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association.  Biztech was created as another unique way for the Affinity Groups to engage Alumni and Georgia Tech  Friends back to Tech. Learn how to launch and grow a successful business at BizTech 2014.     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook


Joanne Hayes/Simply Buckhead

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-03-14 Joanne Hayes 1Simply Buckhead, the definitive resource for Atlanta’s most dynamic in-town neighborhood. With a commitment to journalistic excellence, the magazine serves as the authority on who to   know, what to do and where to go in Buckhead and the surrounding communities. Focusing on the neighborhood’s best and brightest, especially those typically ignored by other media   outlets. Published 8 times a year, 24,000 copies in over 250 locations, also available online.  Proud Member of: Buckhead Business Association, World Trade Center Atlanta, Buckhead Heritage Society, Atlanta Hawks Sponsors of: CURE Childhood Cancer and Share Our Strength     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook     Facebook


Melanie Romanaux/Somedia Solutions

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-03-14 Melanie Romanaux 1Social media manager, educator and speaker Melanie Romanaux, is the CEO and creative director of Somedia  Solutions. Her master’s degree in education makes her passionate about empowering business owners to use  social media effectively, and her entrepreneurial spirit inspires business owners to move out of their comfort zones to  improve their presence and relationships online. Romanaux has led strategic social marketing campaigns for global corporations, restaurants, doctors, lawyers,  entrepreneurs, consultants, retail stores, and local businesses. A student of technology and former Apple Genius, she is fascinated by the myriad of ever-evolving social  communication tools and continues to be on the forefront of innovation in adopting and mastering new tools. Her  approach to social media management makes social marketing manageable, affordable and effective. Experience Romanaux is passionate about connecting brands with their existing audience and reaching new audiences to: • Gain brand and top-of-mind awareness • Provide excellent customer service  • Share valuable information and remarkable content  • Develop community and loyalty among fans and followers • Establish credibility, trust, reliability, and consistency as a brand within social communities • Develop and nurture relationships with influential community members  An educator at heart, she also hosts conferences, workshops and lectures on such topics as: • LinkedIn for Professionals • Marrying Your Business to Facebook: How to Get Customers to LOVE You and SHARE It • Rising Above the Noise: Social Media Best Practices • Social Media & the Job Search: Advantages & Disadvantages • The Art of Engagement in 140 Characters: Understanding Twitter and Using It to Build Your Business Personal Since 2011, Romanuax has donated her time and expertise to a group called Stick it 2 Cancer, a team of business  owners who come together to host fun events to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In just four years, the  team has raised over $300,000 for cancer research and patient support. In 2014, she was nominated for the Man & Woman of the Year campaign, hosted by LLS. For 10 weeks, she will  embark on a localized, friendly fundraising competition with a dedicated team of family and friends. Romanaux owns Somedia Solutions with her husband Randy. They make their home in Roswell and spend their  spare time exploring Georgia with their miniature Australian Shepherd, #pennythewonderdog.     Linkedin   (Company)   Linkedin   (Melanie)   Twitter     Facebook