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Lauren McNulty with Lenox Square, Dewayne Herbert with Phipps Plaza, David Alex Steele with True Food Kitchen and Co-Host Michael Moore

David Alex Steele, Dewayne Herbert, Lauren McNulty, Michael Moore (Co-Host)

David Alex Steele, Dewayne Herbert, Lauren McNulty, Michael Moore (Co-Host)


Lauren McNulty/Lenox Square
Director of Marketing and Business Development

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-29-14 Lauren McNulty 1

Responsible for all aspects of marketing Lenox Square including event marketing, local media, public relations, tourism, guest services, business development, and financial planning and management.  Create and direct strategic sales plan, marketing plan and operating budget that enhances tenant, community, and media relations, and increases center sales.  Coordinate shopping center visual merchandising, signage and advertising programs.  Oversee and evaluate the Marketing staff, including training and permanent positions.     Twitter     Facebook


Dewayne Herbert /Phipps Plaza
Mall Manager

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-29-14 Dewayne Herbert 2




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David Alex Steele/True Food Kitchen
Assistant General Manager

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-29-14 David Alex Steele 1





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Michael Moore/Co-Host

Buckhead Business RadioX 06-17-14 Michael Moore Michael E Moore is a farm kid from Alabama, an Eagle Scout, a military officer during an unpopular war, a recovering banker and entrepreneur. Michael received his BS degree in accounting and finance from Auburn University in 1972 and served his country as a U.S. Army officer. He relocated back to the South (Atlanta) with his wife Karen in 1975 to work for the Citizens & Southern National Bank. Michael has been involved with business since the age of 8 as a farm kid running a produce stand and more recently he’s helped to found and fund new and grow companies for the benefit of our economy. Michael has a passion to help people develop their skills and connect with the right opportunities to derive a high value from their experiences.

Mr. Moore shares beliefs that to succeed you must invest with those close by and use the skills on the team to set and accomplish objectives (goals). Michael brings over forty years of diverse experience in leadership, banking, manufacturing, retailing and business start ups to the table. He also can burn up, tear up or just about destroy old paradigms of thinking as that relate to execution of an idea while keeping the team moving forward. Michael has been involved with professional growth as a personal and business coach for his entire career. Michael currently is involved as an ambassador for the Ritz Group a board member of the Atlanta Micro Fund and the College Park Entrepreneur Fund.     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook


Buckhead Business RadioX 07-29-14 Guest Wall of Fame

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Roy Brostrand and John Pollock with Philly Connection Food Trucks, Madison James with Kind Snacks and Atlanta BeltLine, Ryan Pernice with Table & Main and Osteria Mattone, Mike Rose with Starkey Mortgage

 Ryan Pernice, Mike Rose, Madison James, John Pollock, Roy Brostrand, Craig Williams


Roy Brostrand/Co-Founder The Philly Connection

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-22-14 Roy Brostrand 1Although The Cheesesteak Sandwich originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1979, Roy Brostrand came up with the concept for a Cheesesteak business and opened a store in South Jersey. Later, he sold it to move to Atlanta.  In 1984, in Atlanta, the Philly Connection® concept was developed and introduced– that restaurant continues to operate today. The company then opened additional locations and, in 1988, franchise operations commenced.  Raymond Gaspart and John Pollack purchased Roy’s shares and took the Philly Connection® to a whole new level, building the multiple store franchise concept nationwide. Back in 1984, Roy Brostrand and John Pollock were instrumental in the birth of the Philly Connection® and now with, Raymond Gaspart, they’re writing the next chapter as Philly Connection Food Trucks serve Philly Cheesesteaks all over the country in state-of-the-art mobile food trucks.  The Philly Connection developed a recipe for the steak meat used to make Philly Connection’s proprietary Cheesesteak sandwich. The recipe includes a certain cut of whole-muscle beef, a secret marinade and a special processing technique that produces a high-quality, great-tasting, juicy, tender sliced steak product that is still used today by the Philly Connection® network of franchise restaurants. Those same time tested recipes will also be used on the mobile Philly Connection Food Trucks.  Roy Brostrand and his partners John Pollock and Raymond Gaspart are excited to be launching new food truck franchises nationwide. With the launch of social media such as Facebook and Twitter and the use of GPS, loyal and hungry fans of Philly Connection Food Trucks can find out where their favorite food truck will be serving each day.  Brostrand says, “Because of social media and the applications that are available today, people can find us at various food truck and corporate events. With Twitter we can instantly send out video of where we are. Facebook helps people keep up with us as we set up around the metropolitan area as well.”  Christopher Conner, President, Franchise Marketing Systems says, “In my 12 years in franchising, I haven’t worked with many brands that match the potential of the Philly Connection Food Trucks system. Roy Brostrand and John Pollock are fantastic leaders, great communicators and have an inspiring vision for growth, I am honored to be associated with the brand and them personally.”  The Philly Connection Food Trucks Franchise  The Philly Connection Food Truck is a natural in the burgeoning food truck industry. Brostrand, Gaspart and Pollock saw the potential. They knew that the Cheesesteak was the perfect sandwich to be sold on a food truck and the rise of social media would be the perfect way for the mobile business to be found.  Mobile food truck franchise owner Jeff Wheeler adds, “Owning a food truck, especially one that is offering quality food, like our cheesesteak, fast service and one that is in reality the only one like it in the Atlanta area, is a worthy investment on my part. There is a lot of time involved, but a good return on my investment of time and money.”     Twitter     Facebook     Press Release



John Pollock/Co-Founder The Philly Connection Food Trucks

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-22-14 John Pollock 1Since 1984, Atlanta-based Philly Connection® restaurants have been perfecting the Cheesesteak sandwich.  Starting in January of this year, after years of studying the food truck concept, Philly Connection Food Trucks became a realization by entering the booming Food Truck Industry!  Philly Connection Food Trucks, serving the high-quality Philly Connection® Cheesesteak and Chicken Cheesesteak sandwiches, will be “hitting the road” to bring “Cheesesteak Perfection” to public and private events throughout the Southeast and beyond, as new Philly Connection Food Truck franchises come on board.  Philly Connection Food Trucks differentiates its food trucks through its specially designed mobile kitchen layout allowing each of its food trucks to efficiently and promptly serve the delicious, award-winning Philly Cheesesteaks and Chicken Cheesesteaks as today’s food truck customers seek great-tasting, high-quality menu items.  The clear mission of Philly Connection Food Trucks is to provide our food truck customers with a great Philly Connection® food experience at their favorite public venues or at their own private events!     Twitter     Facebook     Press Release


Madison James/KIND Snacks and Atlanta BeltLine

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-22-14 Madison James 2In less than a year, Madison James has taken the Atlanta lifestyle scene by storm. Born and raised in  the South, the Jackson, Tenn., native arrived in the Peach State, as the afternoon drive personality on  Atlanta’s B98.5 FM in February 2013. In such a commuter-heavy city, Madison has quickly solidified  herself as a favorite voice among Atlanta’s varied radio listeners.  In fact, Madison’s afternoon radio show is consistently ranked as a top performer among various  demographics, including adults and women, according to Atlanta-area Nielsen ratings. Her show is  heard by over 750,000 people in the metro-Atlanta area each week giving Madison the largest afternoon  audience in the market. Madison also has a passion for fitness. In July 2013, the former Division I collegiate athlete and National  Physique Committee figure competitor teamed up with the Atlanta-Journal Constitution to produce a  weekly segment, and share her passion with the Atlanta community. The self-proclaimed fitness addict  launched “Atlanta’s MAD About Fitness”, a video blog offering insight on incorporating healthy habits into  the everyday lives of the city’s bustling residents. Her AJC blog receives 10,000 page views a month and  continues to grow with popularity. Most recently, Madison made her Atlanta-area television debut as a correspondent for WSB-TV’s weekly  entertainment roundup, “Hot Topics,” in January 2014. The lively broadcast, also airing on sister stations  WFTV in Orlando, Fla. and WSOC in Charlotte, N.C, covers unbelievable stories from around the country.  In addition, Madison graced the cover of Best Self Atlanta for the “What’s Hot for 2014” issue, and is  featured in the March edition of Atlanta Magazine. Madison is also a spokesperson for New Balance  Footwear and KIND Snacks. Having developed an impressive presence on three of Atlanta’s major mass media platforms – radio,  print, and TV – in under a year, Madison continues to cement herself as a trusted source of all things  lifestyle. In the coming months, the triple-threat plans to continue her multi-media efforts and focus on collaborating with her community. She has a genuine passion for empowering people to live their best  life. Madison looks forward to connecting with more Atlantans, having fun & feeling good while doing  so.

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Ryan Pernice/Table & Main and Osteria Mattone

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-22-14 Ryan Pernice 1With more than 15 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Ryan Pernice demonstrates a  passionate commitment to excellence in his restaurants, Table & Main | a southern tavern and Osteria  Mattone. Raised in Roswell and a proud graduate of Roswell High School, Ryan opened Table & Main in 2011  featuring “simple, seasonal and Southern” cuisine. Upon opening, Table & Main earned early acclaim  from critics and diners alike. Though awards are nice, Ryan is most proud to have built a restaurant  that his friends and neighbors can consider their “neighborhood spot.” Ryan and his partner, chef Ted Lahey, decided to open Osteria Mattone to offer Canton Street its  only Italian restaurant. After all, what better way to build on their success than with a bowl of pasta  and a glass of Barolo? Combining the casual spirit of an osteria with the more formal dining of a  Roman trattoria, Osteria Mattone also puts a great emphasis on a beverage program driven by Ryan’s  brother, Daniel. To distill his vision for the restaurant, Ryan traveled to Italy with Executive Chef  Lahey to eat his way through 31 restaurants in seven days in Bologna, Montepulciano, Naples, and  Rome. In 2009, Ryan helped open Maialino, a Roman trattoria in New York City’s Gramercy Park from  award-winning restaurateur Danny Meyer of Union Square Hospitality Group. Lauded with accolades  by Forbes, Esquire, New York Magazine and the NY Times since its debut, Maialino set a high standard  for Ryan’s dream of opening his own restaurant. Prior to opening Maialino, Ryan gained valuable  experience in restaurant consulting at Avero, LLC, an innovative business-intelligence company  catering to the country’s top restaurateurs. After working in several local Roswell restaurant kitchens throughout high school, Ryan attended  Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration where he graduated with highest honors in 2007. Ryan lives in Roswell and enjoys exploring the dining scene in and around Atlanta, sharpening his  bocce ball and pool table skills with friends and attending local concerts.     Twitter     Facebook     Twitter     Facebook



Mike Rose/Starkey Mortgage

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-22-14 Mike Rose 2Currently, a Senior Loan Officer with Starkey Mortgage.  He was a successful loan officer for many years with both Wells Fargo and Bank of America. His business network include real estate agents, financial planners, builders and many satisfied clients. He has closed millions of dollars worth of loans and helped many people purchase their first home. In 2008 and 2009, he reached Platinum Club status as in the top 5% of producers for Bank of America.   Before starting his career in mortgage banking, he worked primarily in talk radio broadcasting As a producer, talk host and finally Program Director at News Radio WGST in Atlanta, Mike has proven experience in creating the best radio programming in the business.  He spent many fun years as part of the team that helped to create brand names out of radio personalities such as consumer guru Clark Howard, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, and Kim Peterson . In 1999 and 2000, Mike took on the challenge as General Manager of the eclectic Voice of the Arts, 1190 WGKA.   Mike is also a radio personality in his own right.  He hosted the daily issue oriented talk show, on Talk Radio 1340, WALR-AM .  Creative Loafing readers voted The Mike Rose Show the “The Best Radio Show to Seek Out” in 2003.     Linkedin     Facebook


Craig Williams/Global Authority Agency (Co-Host)

Buckhead Business RadioX 05-27-14 Craig Williams 3

Craig, husband of one, father of four, is a consummate connector,1st generation social entrepreneur, and a true creative, working within the margin of safety while mastering his circles of confidence. Organically creating history by powerfully influencing culture.     Linkedin     Twitter


Buckhead Business Radiox Guest Wall of Fame!

BBR 07-22-14



Chuck Wolf with Chuck Wolf’s Photo Design Bar, Mike Blake with Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP, Justin Owen with Owen Security Solutions, Reo Oravec with Pilot House Advisors, Dutch Earle/Executive Strategies Inc.

Dutch Earle, Reo Oravec, Justin Owen, Mike Blake, Chuck Wolf

Dutch Earle, Reo Oravec, Justin Owen, Mike Blake, Chuck Wolf


Chuck Wolf/Chuck Wolf’s Photo Design Bar

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-15-14 Chuck Wolf 1Wolf first worked at a Washington DC Ritz Camera store owned by his uncle Ed Ritz. In 1974, he traded in stock in the company for nine stores. That chain grew until in 1997, Wolf opened its 300th store. In 1998, Wolf acquired the 449 Fox Photo Stores from Eastman Kodak, making Wolf Camera the second largest specialty retail camera chain in the country, he says, next to Wolf’s Uncle’s Ritz Camera, which was then led by his first cousin, David Ritz. In 2001, he sold to Ritz Camera.     Twitter     Facebook


Mike Blake/Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-15-14 Mike Blake 1Michael Blake is Director of Valuation Services at Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP. He has fifteen years of valuation experience, with particular expertise in mergers & acquisitions, dispute resolution, intellectual property matters, and exotic securities and derivatives valuation. Michael’s professional background is transaction focused, with long tenures in the venture capital and investment banking industries. Michael has considerable experience working with companies in the U.S. and abroad, most notably Russia, Israel, Belarus, and Ukraine. Michael has performed and managed hundreds of valuations for transactions, and audit and tax compliance and served as expert witness in intellectual property, securities, and other financial matters. Michael has expertise working with professional services, financial institutions, alternative energy, aerospace, information technology, biotechnology, restaurants, paper and timber, and real estate management companies. Michael received his Bachelor’s Degree, Cum Laude, in Economics and French from Franklin & Marshall College and his Masters of Business Administration Degree from Georgetown University. Michael is the co-founder and president of, a not-for-profit organization that supports the venture community in Georgia. He was a Nominee Finalist for the 2009 Turknett Foundation Leadership Character Award and a Nominee Finalist for the 2009 TechAmerica Spirit of Endeavor Award. Michael was named to the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2009 Up and Comers List for the top 40 executives under the age of 40 and is a graduate of the Leadership Atlanta Class of 2014. Michael’s professional and academic affiliations include:  Chartered Financial Analyst Institute  Atlanta CPA Society  American Finance Association  Phi Beta Kappa  American Society of Appraisers  Institute of Business Appraisers  Georgia Tech/Emory TI:GER Advisory Board  Ukrainian-American Chamber of Commerce Mike Lives with his wife and 2 sons in Chamblee and plays keyboards and vocals for a rock cover band, Kickin Off the Coverz.     Twitter     Facebook     Linkedin     Twitter


Justin Owen/Owen Security Solutions

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-15-14 Justin Owen 2Second generation owner of Owen Security Solutions.  Rose up in the company with a stint in outside sales in 2001. In 2003 became sales manager started building his own sales team.  In 2008 became President and partner with Gary Owen and has been running all day to day operations since that time.

Owen Security was founded in 1973 on principles of honesty, integrity and servicing others.     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook



Reo Oravec/Pilot House Advisors

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-15-14 Reo Oravec 1Reo Oravec comes with 32 years as a trusted advisor to clients. He started his career with Anderson  Consulting in Europe where he attended the University of Oxford for an MBA. He returned to the US  to run the West coast branch of Anderson and was hired as a CIO for a DOT COM client, which he took  public. Reo has spent over a decade in various VP roles for a global consulting company helping a broad range  of businesses from startups to F100 companies. As CEO of Pilothouse Advisors, he currently leads the  business strategy efforts that focus on customer’s high growth and innovation execution. Reo has a vast experience with SMEs from all aspects of business operations, and, today, he will uncover  their origins and usefulness in today’s challenging environment. Optional: Reo holds certifications in project management from Stanford University, business intelligence from  TDWI, and is a certified outsourcing executive from IAOP. He’s the author of an upcoming book on  effective business processes and revenue generation titled “Sales Best Practices.” In Atlanta, he is involved in TAG, ASP, AICPA, IIBA, the AQAA, and is a fund raiser for SOGA, the Salvation  Army Bed and Bread program, Feed America, and the Wounded Warrior Project.     Linkedin


Holland “Dutch” Earle/Executive Strategies Inc

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-15-14 Dutch Earle 1Dutch Earle is the Founder and Managing Director of Executive Strategies, Inc. Established in 1994, ESI  provides search, coaching, and other talent management services to help organizations find and develop  top talent.  Dutch held executive roles within large and Fortune 500 organizations. He started his career with NCR  Corporation in human resources and then joined RCA Corporation, where he progressed through a series  of management positions in labor relations, compensation, employment and organizational development.  Next, for Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, he led corporate staffing and organizational development  and established a temporary services business. Preceding ESI, he was the Vice President, Human  Resources for ADP National Accounts where he developed and led human resources strategy for the  organization.  His broad business expertise and client centric consultative approach has positioned Dutch as a value  added resource for his clients. He leverages his management skills across multiple service offerings –  search, coaching and talent management. Dutch has managed hundreds of searches throughout the  country across numerous disciplines and has delivered a customized range of corporate leadership and  executive coaching programs. Additionally, he is a partner in a career coaching and resume services  business that serves companies and individuals. Dutch earned his undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University and holds a Masters in  Industrial Relations from Saint Francis University. Dutch leverages his time and talents with outdoor  oriented organizations and other community philanthropic organizations. He is a member of Roswell  Rotary, on the Board of the Chattahoochee Nature Center and is past president of a local chapter of Trout  Unlimited. Dutch frequently speaks to executive and civic gatherings on business strategy, executive  management, life management principles and entrepreneurship.  Dutch and his wife Kathy reside in Roswell, Georgia.     Linkedin



Larry White with The Ritz Group, Karen Burns with Karen Burns Photography, Vic Uzumeri with interactive Point of View (iPOV), Troy Burns with La Culture du Vin

Karen Burns, Troy Burns, Tres Crow (Host), Vic Uzumeri, Larry White

Karen Burns, Troy Burns, Tres Crow (Host), Vic Uzumeri, Larry White


Host:  Tres Crow/Ritz Group

Ritz Group Radio 07-08-14 Tres Crow 1Director of Membership and Ambassador for The Ritz Group, the premier electronic and physical networking organization in the state of Georgia. With over 2500 members, monthly networking and pitch events, hundreds of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.


Primary duties include, but are not limited to:

-Growing and managing the paid membership community of 400 people, and ensuring that members are using all of the tools that the Ritz Group offers.
-Maintaining the company website, and producing all physical and electronic collateral and communications to our broader membership of 2500 people.
-Signing up sponsors for all Ritz Group venues, and meeting monthly sales quotas. Sponsorships range from $349 to $5000.
-Selling licenses for the Capital Expo, a privately licensed virtual trade show.
-Developing new products, services, and marketing opportunities.
-Organizing the monthly networking events and Shark Attack presentations
-Organizing and hosting the monthly Ritz Group Radio Show     Linkedin     Twitter


Larry White/The Ritz Group

Ritz Group Radio 07-08-14 Larry White 1Larry White is the Founder and CEO of Retail Electronic Visions a software development company providing social media communities for Retail, Capital, Emergency Management, Yachting and Sports vertical industries. Retail Electronic Visions is the holding company for brands doing business as the Ritz Group, ( TheAisles ( and eLink 911 (

In 2012 Retail Electronic Visions purchased the 26 year old Ritz Group and added the Capital Community, a Reg D private equity solicitation community, for entrepreneurs, Investors and service providers. In addition, the Capital Expo was launched as the industry’s first video virtual e-trade show for companies raising equity funds under the Invest Georgia Exemption Act (IGE)

The Ritz Group meets monthly at the City Club to network and added Shark Attack where 3 companies (Bait) pitch for 15 minutes to 3 Industry ICONS (Sharks). Professionally Emcee’d by Bob Rathbun, Fox Sports South broadcaster for the Hawks. 8 exhibitors are featured at the Networking Event.

In addition to providing members with electronic Incubation and physical networking, the Ritz Group provides members with a free and fee-based services to improve the “investor-readiness” of early and later stage companies through debt, crowdfunding and equity funding process.

New 2014 programs will include online delivery of Equity-U courses, Ritz Group Radio to showcase our members, Angel Meet-Ups to serve our Angels, plus the launch of Blue Chips – a new collaborative approach to fund Georgia’s “best” disruptive Technology, Consumer Goods, Medical, Food and Beverage and Entertainment early-stage ventures.     Linkedin     Twitter


Vic Uzumeri/interactive Point of View (iPOV)

Ritz Group Radio 07-08-14 Vic Uzumeri 1iPOV is a knowledge concierge. It creatively leverages the global freelance market to solve creative and knowledge-intensive business problems. iPOV processes information to serve clients from small business to Fortune 500 companies. The company specializes in rapid, low cost production of web-based training, knowledge capture and analysis solutions. iPOV has pioneered the application of lean thinking (i.e., Toyota Production System) concepts to the production of eLearning.     Linkedin     Twitter


Karen Burns/Karen Burns Photography

Ritz Group Radio 07-08-14 Karen Burns 1Owner Karen Burns Photography since 1997. Fine Art, Architecture, Corporate, Commercial, Events, Headshots, Marketing, Products, Wedding Photography. Photoshop retouching, Album design, Card & Announcement design, & canvas & framed imaging.
Linkedin   Facebook


Troy Burns/La Culture du Vin

Ritz Group Radio 07-08-14 Troy Burns 1La Culture du Vin is a 30 minute weekly documentary on the culture built by wine in the small country French villages surrounded by rolling vineyards and wine houses.    Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook




Ritz Group Radio 07-08-14 Wall of Fame

Special Episode! U.S. Small Business Administration Eugene Cornelius, Jr. with U.S. SBA, Tasha Reid with Visionary Construction Inc., Terri Denison with U.S. SBA Georgia District Office, Mark D. Gibson with SBA Georgia District Public Affairs


Terri Denison, Tasha Reid, Mark Gibson, Eugene Cornelius

Terri Denison, Tasha Reid, Mark Gibson, Eugene Cornelius


Eugene Cornelius, Jr./U.S. Small Business Administration
Deputy Associate Administrator For Field Operations

BBR 06_19_14 Special Episode SBA Eugene Cornelius 1

Mr. Cornelius is the Deputy Associate Administrator for Field Operations for the U.S.  Small Business Administration (SBA). He was appointed after serving as the Acting  Regional Administrator for Region III that covers Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland,  Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. As Deputy Associate Administrator,  Mr. Cornelius is responsible for management and oversight of over 90 offices covering  all 50 States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and U.S. Territories.  Mr. Cornelius has served the SBA in numerous capacities prior to this appointment  beginning in 1999 as the District Director for the Michigan District Office. After  graduating from the Senior Executive Service (SES) Training Program in 2002, he  served as the agency’s Chief Procurement Officer and as the Associate Administrator  for 8(a) Business Development in SBA’s national headquarters. In 2004, he was  appointed as SBA’s Louisiana District Director where he served as the Agency’s point of  contact during the Katrina hurricane disaster and recovery. In 2008 he served as the  Washington Metropolitan Area District Office Director overseeing the largest  Government Contracting Portfolio in the country.  Before joining SBA, Mr. Cornelius was the Director of Business Services for the Los  Angeles Community College District in California, the largest community college system  in the United States, the Senior Administrative Officer for the City of Redondo Beach,  California, and the Risk Manager for the Compton Unified School District in Compton,  California.  Mr. Cornelius is a trained Federal Acquisition (Level 3) Senior Project Manager and is  nationally certified as an Associate in Risk Management (ARM). He holds a Bachelor’s  degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. In  addition, he has professional designations in Economic Development and Urban  Planning.  A Chicago native, Mr. Cornelius is a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Inc.     Linkedin     Twitter


Tasha Reid/Visionary Construction Inc.

BBR 06_19_14 Special Episode SBA Tasha Reid 1

Since its founding in Georgia in March 2010, Visionary Management Services is working toward  becoming the leading professional supplier of cost effective facility management solutions. Ms. Tasha  Reid holds a Master Degree in Business Administration with extensive experience as a project manager.  She has been active in the field of pro-development, project development, construction, and information  technology for ten years. Ms. Reid has managed national construction projects for one of the top  fortune 100 companies Ms. Reid greatest strengths are her perseverance, drive and leadership. She has  successfully directed Visionary Management Services strategic planning, business development, resources,  quality assurance and customer satisfaction. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the  company’s reach. She has also done several volunteer projects for her church, community and abroad.  Ms. Reid destiny fulfilled philosophy is very simple “Inspire before you expire.” Since childhood, Tasha Reid always knew she was an entrepreneur. Her first business venture was selling  candy bars to her fellow classmates. She was so successful that she was able to earn twice as much as  she spent buying the candy from the store! She used her passion for selling, along with the discipline she  gained from playing basketball, to earn a Master’s in Business Administration. Using her education, natural  talents and innovative ideas, she was able to earn her first real estate license at 25 and begin a successful  career in the housing market. Unfortunately, the 2008 housing crash impacted her business along with the  financial stability of millions of Americans. While it was a difficult decision, Tasha eventually had to close  her real estate business. In December of that year she relocated to Atlanta, GA, to help out a family member. It was then that she  became a member of The Vision Church of Atlanta. According to Tasha, the lessons she learned from her  church are what gave her the faith and determination to continue to strive toward success. While building  her faith, Tasha was also building her skills. She began booking speaking engagements and mentoring  others while hosting her own internet show. However, she was reluctant to start another business because  she was afraid it would fail as her real estate business had. However, she took a leap of faith and founded  Visionary Management Services. Visionary Management Services (VMS) is a company that offers facilities support through contracting  services to businesses. Some of the services that are contracted include construction, janitorial service,  and landscaping and facility maintenance. One of the highlights of the company is that it provides small  business owners with contracted work that they otherwise would not have been able to obtain on their  own. Since its founding in 2010, VMS has completed numerous public and private projects throughout the  southeastern United States.  Tasha first applied for the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program. However,  she faced the risk of her application being denied because of limited past performance with her business.  Taking the advice of an SBA official, she withdrew her application. But she didn’t stop there. Instead, she  took a class provided by the SBA that focused on doing business with the government, which allowed her  to gain the past performance she needed to submit a successful 8(a) application in 2013. Thanks to her  faith and perseverance, she was accepted into the 8(a) program on October 31, 2013, and is currently a  thriving participant. Currently, Tasha Reid is looking forward to being part of SBA’s Mentor-Protégé program. Through this  program, she will be mentored by Artesian Contracting so that her business will be better equipped for  future success. It is because of her unwavering determination and that she has come this far and it is her  unyielding desire for success that will propel her and Visionary Management Services even further. That focused on doing business with the government, which allowed her to gain the past performance  she needed to submit a successful 8(a) application in 2013. Thanks to her faith and perseverance, she was  accepted into the 8(a) program on October 31, 2013, and is currently a thriving participant. Currently, Tasha Reid is looking forward to being part of SBA’s Mentor-Protégé program. Through this  program, she will be mentored by US &S Inc. so that her business will be better equipped for future  success. It is because of her unwavering determination and that she has come this far and it is her  unyielding desire for success that will propel her and Visionary Management Services even further.


Terri Denison/U.S. SBA Georgia District Office
District Director

BBR 06_19_14 Special Episode SBA Terri Denison 1

Responsible for overseeing the implementation and operation of the SBA’s financial, counseling/training and procurement/business development programs for small businesses throughout Georgia.

U.S. SBA Georgia District Office      Linkedin    Twitter


Mark D. Gibson/SBA Georgia District Public Affairs

BBR 06_19_14 Special Episode SBA Mark Gibson

Public Information Specialist


U.S. SBA Georgia District Office     Twitter




Jeff Spaccio with Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel and Conference Center & Shulas 347 Grill, Chris Schroder with Schroder PR and The Atlanta 100, Ken Scroggs with Health Works Solutions, Rob Broadfoot with


Rob Broadfoot, Ken Scroggs, Chris Schroder, Jeff Spaccio

Rob Broadfoot, Ken Scroggs, Chris Schroder, Jeff Spaccio


Jeff Spaccio/Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel and Conference Center and Shulas 347 Grill

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-01-14 Jeff Spaccio 1Jeffrey Spaccio As Regional Director of Sales & Marketing, Jeff responsible for overseeing all revenue aspects of the Atlanta  Marriott Buckhead Hotel and Shula’s 347 grill.  Spaccio arrived in Atlanta 6 months ago from Las Vegas and Miami, where he spent the 3 years with Pyramid Hotel  Group – overseeing multiple properties revenue operations and a number Hotels and Resorts in Las Vegas and  South Florida.  Previously, Spaccio held an array of sales management positions at hotel and resort properties within Florida.  He was Area Director of Sales & Marketing at Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront and Doubletree Guest Suites  Melbourne Beach Oceanfront; and Director of Sales & Marketing at Doubletree Hotel Coconut Grove and  Doubletree Grand Hotel-Biscayne Bay. He got his start in the hospitality industry as a Sales Manager for Hilton  Melbourne at Rialto Place back in 1997. A native of Central Florida, Spaccio earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the  University of Central Florida.      Twitter     Facebook     Linkedin       Twitter     Facebook


Chris Schroder/Schroder PR and The Atlanta 100

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-01-14 Chris Schroder 1After working as a publisher, editor and reporter in the newspaper business for 25 years, Chris Schroder decided to explore the other side of media … serving clients who want to raise their public profile or protect themselves while facing a crisis or redeem themselves after one. Guided by his media background, he founded his own PR firm in December 2002 to provide clients the necessary techniques to ensure they deliver “Clear Messages in a Cluttered World.” By adding other media, PR, legal and personal counseling professionals to the team, Schroder PR now helps businesses present their stories in the best possible manner to meet strategic goals and reach targeted audiences – including clients, prospects, the media and their own employees. With years of counseling experience in the three areas of crisis management – image, HR/legal and personal – Chris and his team is able to provide urgent expert advice when clients most need it.  Specialties: Schroder PR is a full service communications firm offering a wide range of crisis management with capabilities designed to help clients achieve their corporate public relations and marketing objectives.     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook     Facebook


Ken Scroggs/Health Works Solutions

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-01-14 Ken Scroggs 1Health Works Solutions Ken Scroggs is the founder and CEO of Health Works Solutions a Risk Management/Wellness company.  Health Works provides “Pre-claims” Risk Management services to companies by providing programs that  will identify and control the risks the drive healthcare costs. Unlike most benefits experts, Health Works  goes beyond mere cost shifting within the plan design or increasing deductibles. Instead, they solve the  problem.  Founded in 2009 Ken founded Health Works Solutions in response to requests from his client companies’  need to control their health care costs. To accomplish this goal, Ken launched a strategic plan with three  crucial components. These three components are data analysis, coordinated services alignment, and  leadership through employee engagement.  Ken has over 40 years experience in both the military and civilian life creating successful healthcare  programs. He was a Captain in the U. S. Army serving at Ft. Hood Texas where he helped coordinate all  available human services. During his military career he also initiated numerous programs to coordinate  healthcare programs including mental health services for cardiac care, PTSD, Leadership Development and  Child Abuse Prevention to name a few.  Ken has earned degrees in Psychology and Social Work, and graduated from the University of Georgia in  1972. He has provided services to the US Army, Navy, NASA, Oglethorpe Power Co., EMS Technologies,  Gwinnett County Government, Scientific Atlanta, IBM, The Torrington Company, Atlanta Business  Women’s Association, Gwinnett Leadership, Emory University, Race Trac, Resurgens and other centers of  influence. Ken is also a facility member of WELCOA, the Wellness Counsel of America.     Linkedin


Rob Broadfoot/

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-01-14 Rob Broadfoot 1Atlanta native now resides in Decatur, GA.  Rob launched BumFloat in 2012 along with two business partners.  While not “bumming it” on the lake or rivers, Rob is also part owner of  MOCK, the agency a Midtown, Atlanta advertising, graphic, and digital design company. Creatively-driven work to help solve marketing challenges. Personal relationships drive better ideas, and we apply them to every client and project, no matter how big or small.  Talk directly with the people doing the work. That just makes sense.    Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook


Buckhead Business RadioX 07-01-14 Wall of FameBuckhead Business RadioX 07-01-14 Wall of Fame

Buckhead Business RadioX 07-01-14 Wall of Fame