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Loretta Lepore with MediaBar Services, Erica Danylchak with Buckhead Heritage Society, Kevin O’Malley with B2BCamp and Will Geer with Callaway Geer

Will Geer, Kevin O'Malley, Loretta Lepore, Erica Danylchak

Will Geer, Kevin O’Malley, Loretta Lepore, Erica Danylchak


Loretta Lepore/MediaBar Services

Buckhead Business Radio 09-30-14 Loretta Lepore 1Loretta Lepore is the founder of strategic communications firm, Lepore Associates, LLC and is a principal in MediaBar Services, a media coaching and presentation training consultancy.

Loretta’s career spans more than two decades as a journalist and network news anchor, gubernatorial spokeswoman and consultant to corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit clients. She has managed a diverse client portfolio with interests ranging from healthcare to technology to transportation. Loretta has leveraged her expertise in public strategy, crisis & issues management as well as message development, media relations, interview coaching and presentation training to help her clients achieve their business goals.

During her tenure with the national law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, she designed and executed communications and crisis management strategies on behalf of lawyers, lobbyists and their clients. Appointed by Governor Sonny Perdue, Loretta led Georgia’s effort to re-energize its brand and she managed the subsequent launch of the nationally acclaimed Georgia logo, website, and global commerce and tourism advertising campaigns. While serving as the Governor’s press secretary, she was the administration’s primary spokesperson and the chief communications liaison with the White House planning team for the G8 Summit, which drew thousands of global journalists to Sea Island. Loretta worked for CNN, NPR, Westwood Radio Networks and local stations in Washington, D.C. and Florida.     LinkedIn     Twitter


Erica Danylchak/Buckhead Heritage Society
Executive Director

Buckhead Business Radio 09-30-14 Erica DanylchakErica Danylchak was appointed Executive Director of the Buckhead Heritage Society in January of 2010. Ms. Danylchak earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Boston University in 2001 and a Master of Heritage Preservation degree from Georgia State University in 2008. Ms. Danylchak has previously worked at the Kenan Research Center at the Atlanta History Center and at Easements Atlanta, Inc. and has served as a Research Fellow for the Georgia Historic Landscape Initiative. In 2009, Ms. Danylchak received the Jenny D. Thurston Memorial Award from the Atlanta Urban Design Commission for her contributions to historic preservation in Atlanta.     Twitter     Facebook


Kevin O’Malley/B2BCamp
Lead Host

Buckhead Business Radio 09-30-14 Kevin O'Malley 1Over 15 years of Product Management & Marketing experience. I enjoy learning new methods of Product Management and Marketing that improves the speed and accuracy of creating predictable and scalable demand.  Specialties: Product Management, Product Marketing, Strategy, Business Development, Event production and management, B2B Marketing, Sales Development and Demand Generation.

B2BCamp ( is a user organized gathering focused on improving B2B marketing & sales with next generation tools and techniques. The event is an unconference meaning that there are no “attendees” because everyone participates in some manner. B2BCamp is a self-organizing collaborative event that is rewarding, fun and a totally cool experience!     LinkedIn     Twitter


Will Geer/Callaway Geer
Owner and Managing Partner

Buckhead Business Radio 09-30-14 Will Geer 1Will Geer is a founding partner of Callaway Geer, LLC, a firm of Certified Public Accountants and advisors located in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Geer performs construction, governmental, franchisor, and not-for-profit audit and accounting functions, consults on tax matters and controversies, and provides forensic and valuation services for its clients. Mr. Geer is responsible for creating both the tax practice, audit practice and forensic accounting practice within the firm. Prior to founding his firm, Mr. Geer worked for a large regional accounting firm and worked for a United States Bankruptcy Trustee in the Southern District of Georgia.

Mr. Geer has been engaged in forensic matters, economic damages and valuation tion services for litigation, tax controversies and financial statement reporting. His Litigation and testimonial experience ranges from business valuation, debt confirmations, bankruptcy, eminent domain, forensic accounting, economic damages, life care plan valuations divorce, criminal matters, governmental forensic audits, governmental service, delivery strategies, construction, tax and financial statement reporting.

Since 1999, Mr. Geer has been involved in more than 175 litigation matters in federal and state matters. He is typically hired in litigious matters with high probability of ending with a judicial hearing. He has testified by way of deposition or court testimony more than 125 times in his career. Mr. Geer has worked with various legal disciplines and professionals, allowing him to expand his knowledge base. A list of attorney references can be made available upon request. His continued involvement with a traditional Certified Public Accounting firm provide him with continued working knowledge of tax law, AICPA Professional Standards and a continued breadth of working knowledge in the area of accounting. Mr. Geer presently serves on the Peer Review Committee of the Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants. As a partner in the firm, he is required to maintain continuing professional education credits in the area of accounting, audit and taxation. He continues to share this breadth of knowledge with his traditional and forensic clients.    LinkedIn


Buckhead Business Radio 09-30-14 Group 2


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Special Episode: Ritz Group Radio! Kevin Harrington with “As Seen On TV”, Larry White with The Ritz Group, Dan Moss with The World Chamber of Commerce, Cathy Hankinson with IMPACT Success Systems, Glenn Carver with Heat Ventures, George Horrigan with Fountainhead Consulting Group, Tres Crow with The Ritz Group

Larry White, Glenn Carver, George Horrigan, Dan Moss, Cathy Hankinson, Tres Crow

Larry White, Glenn Carver, George Horrigan, Dan Moss, Cathy Hankinson, Tres Crow

Kevin Harrington/As Seen On TV Pioneer and Original Shark on Shark Tank


kevin-harrington-interview-entrepreneur-interview-shark-tank-investorInventor of the Infomercial, Original Shark on Shark Tank and As Seen on TV Pioneer  and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time!  While watching television one night in 1984, Harrington noticed that sometimes the  only thing on the screen were the color test bars that stations ran when they had nothing else to air, thus  giving Kevin the idea to produce the industry’s first 30-minute infomercial to fill that dead air space, which  is what coined him the Inventor of the Infomercial. Since then, he has been involved with over 500 product launches that resulted in sales of over $4 billion  dollars worldwide and 20 products that reached individual sales of over $100 million. By 1990, Harrington  was named one of the 100 best entrepreneurs in the world (by Entrepreneur Magazine). In the mid- 80’s he formed Quantum International which grew to $500 million in sales selling products in  100 countries in 20 languages. He then formed HSN direct in conjunction with Home Shopping Network  and soon after formed Reliant International Media. Kevin also founded As Seen on TV, Inc. and acquired, the world’s largest web site featuring as seen on TV products! In 2009, Kevin was selected as one of the original ‘Shark Tank’ Sharks on the ABC hit show. As an  innovator and pioneer in the industry, Kevin has been featured on over 150 Shark Tank segments over  the last five years on both ABC and CNBC. Kevin has continued to be a champion for Entrepreneurs He founded two global associations – ERA (Electronic Retailers Association), which is now in 45  countries and Young Entrepreneur’s Association (now EO – Entrepreneurs Organization) which boasts  combined member sales of over $500 billion dollars. Equally important, he is actively engaged in fostering and speaking on Entrepreneurism nationally and  internationally.     Twitter    Kevin Harrington:  Linkedin     Twitter


Larry White/The Ritz Group

Ritz Group Radio 07-08-14 Larry White 1Larry White is the Founder and CEO of Retail Electronic Visions a software development company providing social media communities for Retail, Capital, Emergency Management, Yachting and Sports vertical industries. Retail Electronic Visions is the holding company for brands doing business as the Ritz Group, ( TheAisles ( and eLink 911 (

In 2012 Retail Electronic Visions purchased the 26 year old Ritz Group and added the Capital Community, a Reg D private equity solicitation community, for entrepreneurs, Investors and service providers. In addition, the Capital Expo was launched as the industry’s first video virtual e-trade show for companies raising equity funds under the Invest Georgia Exemption Act (IGE)

The Ritz Group meets monthly at the City Club to network and added Shark Attack where 3 companies (Bait) pitch for 15 minutes to 3 Industry ICONS (Sharks). Professionally Emcee’d by Bob Rathbun, Fox Sports South broadcaster for the Hawks. 8 exhibitors are featured at the Networking Event.

In addition to providing members with electronic Incubation and physical networking, the Ritz Group provides members with a free and fee-based services to improve the “investor-readiness” of early and later stage companies through debt, crowdfunding and equity funding process.

New 2014 programs will include online delivery of Equity-U courses, Ritz Group Radio to showcase our members, Angel Meet-Ups to serve our Angels, plus the launch of Blue Chips – a new collaborative approach to fund Georgia’s “best” disruptive Technology, Consumer Goods, Medical, Food and Beverage and Entertainment early-stage ventures.     Linkedin     Twitter


Dan Moss/The World Chamber of Commerce
Vice President and Chairman of the Committee on Investment-Economic Development/Board of Directors

Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 Dan Moss 1Event planning and organization to gather the international community of Atlanta together with, government, business leaders, Consuls and Ambassadors to enhance international and domestic business, with the goal of creating jobs and wealth.
For over 40 years Dan has been involved in the investment, business and civic communities around Atlanta. He has helped hundreds of individuals and families achieve their financial goals.

Through his involvement in the capital community, Dan has also helped launch start-up businesses as an angel investor and entrepreneur.      LinkedIn     Twitter     Facebook


Cathy Hankinson/IMPACT Success Systems
CEO, Speaker, Trainer

Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 Cathy Hankinson 2Cathy Hankinson has a passion for helping people. As a powerful results-driven leader, her expertise is in creating Make-over Strategies that result in a roadmap taking you from where you are now to where you want to be with your business, life and money. Cathy spent her career building a solid, expansive network of trusted experts.
She brings together people and resources to create powerful results.

Having become a Make-Over expert in the areas of image, money, and other life and business skills, Cathy created the Make-over Matrix™. She is also the Inventor of IMPACT The Money Mastery Game™ – the board game where players can play their “way to wealth.” It is a game that anyone can understand, regardless of education or experience. It is full of success principles for business, life and finances that many of us wish we had known sooner. That game recently became the catalyst for an upcoming new TV reality series, Project Launchpad.

As Executive Producer and Host, Cathy created a show where small business owners across the U.S. are the stars. This series showcases the riveting journeys of real people working to make their dreams a reality, their business into a success as a team of business experts guides them along the way. Share the triumphs, and the disappointments, faced throughout the journey of a typical entrepreneur.

Cathy’s is on a Mission to educate people of all ages on foundational success principles for money, business and life. Her greatest passion is to educate, inspire and empower people to be able to have freedom, choices, peace of mind and happiness. As a catalyst in the transformation process, Cathy hopes to empower others to unleash their full potential and become a greater contribution to our world.     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook

Linkedin  (Cathy)     Facebook


Glenn Carver/Heat Ventures, LLC
Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 Glenn Carver 2Glenn Carver is the Chief Entrepreneurial Officer of HEAT Ventures, LLC, a media  production company designed to inspire people worldwide to realize their greatest  potential through his speaking, writing, television production and online information  products. In February 2010, Glenn was inspired to write his first book on entrepreneurship  called “Stand in the Heat – Lessons from Legendary Entrepreneurs on Staying Cool  under Pressure”. Stand in the HEAT is a survival guide for entrepreneurs and it is  Glenn’s personal mission to empower today’s entrepreneurs with inspiration and  strategies for long-term success. Stand in the HEAT received early praise from personal development legend, Brian  Tracy who said, “This could be one of the most important books ever written.” Glenn  was recently interviewed by Inc. Magazine on how a corporation can cultivate the  “entrepreneurial spirit” within its ranks.     LinkedIn     Twitter     Facebook


George Horrigan/Fountainhead Consutling Group
Founder and President

Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 George Horrigan 1George is a noted innovation and business planning expert who over the past 17 years has shown over 1,200 business owners how to achieve the hopes and dreams for your business so you can Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business. George shows you how to take the business you have and turn it into the business of your dreams. He is Founder and CEO of Fountainhead Consulting Group, Inc. which provides consultations on a full range of business planning and operation issues thus enabling you to “Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business”.

George has personally has started and operated seven companies and understands the mindset and mentality of an entrepreneur thus giving him both professional and personal perspectives on creating a thriving business. From his over 25 years of experience of being a CPA and a business planner he has a proven track record of showing people step by step, how to grow and take their businesses to the next level by eliminating the guesswork, trial and error, and uncertainty that plague so many business owners.

Fountainhead Consulting Group, Inc.’s Business Consulting and Planning services area includes a unique service named Structure of Success™ which is ideal for business owners who want to solve real world problems and take their business where they want it to go thus enabling you to – Achieve the Hopes and Dreams for Your Business.

George holds a BA in Accounting and a Masters degree in Computer Science from Cleveland State University, is a frequent speaker on various business planning and operations topics and has been recognized in a number of Who’s Who National Registry’s. He shows people how to create the business of their dreams, is author of four books including “Creating a Thriving Business” and has a forthcoming book “Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business” due out in late 2014.

Specialties:George has a proven track record of showing people how to start, grow, manage and take your business and turn it into the business of your dreams. Over the past 17 years George has shown over 1,200 people either how to grow an existing business or start a new business. From his over 25 years of experience of being a CPA and a business planner he knows what actions a business owner can adopt to improve cash flow, boost profitability, take a business your next level or what can kill a business.   Linkedin   Twitter   Facebook


Show Host:  Tres Crow/Ritz Group

Ritz Group Radio 07-08-14 Tres Crow 1Director of Membership and Ambassador for The Ritz Group, the premier electronic and physical networking organization in the state of Georgia. With over 2500 members, monthly networking and pitch events, hundreds of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.


Primary responsibilities include:

  • Growing and managing the membership community of 400 people, ensuring members are using all of the tools that the Ritz Group offers.
  • Maintaining the website, producing physical and electronic collateral and communications to the broader audience of  2,500.
  • Signing up sponsors for all Ritz Group venues, and meeting monthly sales quotas. Sponsorships range from $349 to $5000.
  • Selling licenses for Capital Expo, a privately licensed virtual trade show.
  • Developing new products, services, and marketing opportunities.
  • Organizing monthly Shark Attack networking events and presentations.
  • Organizing and hosting the Ritz Group Radio Show.     Linkedin     Twitter


Ritz Group Wall of Fame #4


Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 On-Air 8

Dan Moss, Cathy Hankinson, Tres Crow (LIVE On-Air)


Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 On-Air 5

Larry White, Glenn Carver, George Horrigan, Dan Moss, Tres Crow (LIVE On-Air)


Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 On-Air 2

Larry White, Glenn Carver, George Horrigan, Dan Moss, Tres Crow (LIVE On-Air)


Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 Group 2

Celebrating Partnership Announcement w/ Pioneer and Chairman of “As Seen On TV” & Original Shark on Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington!


Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 Group 3

“Team Ritz Group” posing for the Official “RadioX Sign-Off”


Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 On-Air 1

LIVE “On-Air” with “Team Ritz Group” Breaking BIG News!


Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 Larry White 2   Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 Glenn Carver 3

Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 George Horrigan 3  Buckhead Business Radio (Ritz Group) 09-09-14 Glenn Carver 4


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Zach Ellard with Zipcar Atlanta, Bhavesh Patel with S3 Catering, Michael Crandal with Crandal Hospitality

Michael Crandal, Zach Ellard, Divya Vaswani, Bhavesh Patel

Michael Crandal, Zach Ellard, Divya Vaswani, Bhavesh Patel


Zach Ellard/Zipcar Atlanta
General Manager

Buckhead Business Radio 09-16-14 Zach Ellard 2Zach Ellard, General Manager of Zipcar Atlanta, has significant expertise managing multiple brands in global and domestic markets. For the past two years Zach has worked tirelessly to grow Zipcar’s presence in Atlanta. As the General Manager he oversees all operations for the Atlanta metro area for Zipcar, including: marketing, member services, fleet operations, human resources, P&L responsibilities and managing relationships with consumers, corporate clients and government agencies.     Twitter


Bhavesh Patel/S3 Catering
Executive Chef

Buckhead Business Radio 09-16-14 Bhavesh Patel 1






     Twitter   Facebook


Co-Host: Michael Crandal/Crandal Hospitality

Buckhead Business RadioX 04_22_14 Michael Crandal25+ years of successfully building and maintaining exemplarily management teams by identifying talent, mentoring — and monitoring accountability for terrific results with a style of leadership based upon positive support and empowerment, rather than fear or micro-management.


A compelling speaking style before large audiences. Ability to communicate, lead, and gain confidence from reporting at regular Board of Director meetings, annual shareholders / membership meetings, presenting staff training / leadership / business ethics seminars – to offering the keynote address at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management MBA Conference.

Engaging, upbeat and sincere personality in interacting on a personal level throughout every day with every person encountered, while consistently bringing sound business savvy & financial acumen to the table. Expertise in creating, presenting, gaining ultimate approval — and then monitoring unwavering adherence to both Operating and Capital budgets. An experienced strategic planner who has developed and successfully implemented meaningful 5+ year Capital Reserve Plans and ongoing Cash Management Programs.

BY THE WAY: Just in case you were wondering, the letters after Michael Crandal, CNG stand for: Certified Nice Guy. Self-certified, by the way. But, a nice guy nonetheless. He and his wife, Kim, have recently moved to the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA.

I PRESENT CUSTOM DESIGNED LEADERSHIP / ETHICS / MOTIVATIONAL WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS AND KEYNOTE SPEECHES. I’ve proudly completed my book, LIFE’S 10-POINT MUST SYSTEM (available NOW on — I continue to author management / leadership magazine articles — accept speaking engagements, and present custom designed Leadership / Ethics workshops to clients around the country. My wife has recently accepted the position of Town Club Manager with the Cherokee Town & Country Club in Atlanta, GA and we have moved from our home in Palm Desert, CA.

I now consider meaningful relationships (Atlanta based) where my proven Executive Committee level leadership expertise is best utilized. I EFFECTIVELY ENHANCE MANAGEMENT TEAM PRODUCTIVITY & ENTHUSIASM THAT PROVES CONTAGIOUS THROUGHOUT THE ORGANIZATION RIGHT DOWN TO THE ULTIMATE CONSUMER OF SERVICES.     Linkedin



BBR Wall of Fame #32


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Jacqui Chew with TEDx Peachtree, Dave Danielson with Have A Good Day, George Horrigan with Horrigan & Company CPA’s, Sam Hayes with Caliber Training Group

Dave Danielson, George Horrigan, Jacqui Chew, Sam Hayes

Dave Danielson, George Horrigan, Jacqui Chew, Sam Hayes


Jacqui Chew/TEDxPeachtree

Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 Jacqui Chew 1Jacqui Chew is the Founder and CEO at iFusion, a consultancy that helps technology and technology related businesses grow. She is a seasoned digital strategist with hands-on experience in lean marketing and product launches.

Jacqui is also the licensee of  TEDxPeachtree  the largest and longest running TEDx event in Atlanta called a “brain spa” for attendees the event is full of speakers and ideas “worth spreading’. (tedxpeachtree)

Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook


Dave Danielson/Have A Good Day
President & Founder

Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 Dave Danielson 1Founder and President of Turning Point Selling, Inc. and Have a Good Day, an independent consultancy specializing in Sales Effectiveness and Business Process Optimization 34 years of sales, marketing, and executive management experience having worked for and consulted with several industry leading companies such as Hewlett Packard, Agfa, T/R Systems, Barco Graphics, and Presstek, Inc. Served in various capacities as CEO, CMO, VP of Sales, VP of Creative Services, World-Wide Sales Channel Manager, Director of Marketing, and National Sales Manager. Logged thousands of hours facilitating training sessions in the US, Canada, Europe, India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Clients include Hewlett-Packard, Verizon, Siemens, Ingersoll Rand, SAP, BMC Software, RSA and SOPHOS. Areas of expertise and training certification include sales process, sales skills development, business development, collaborative selling, account management, sales coaching, change management, sales negotiating and effective sales management, certified SPIN Selling instructor. LEAN Six-Sigma and Agile Project Management practitioner. Green Belt training at Motorola University, Schaumburg, IL – 2006. Black Belt training at Georgia Institute of Technology in 2009.

Founder and CEO of Atlanta Graphic Services, 1982 – 1990, a full service marketing and communications company employing 36 people. Account list included Delta Air Lines, Georgia Pacific, Bell South, Atlanta Magazine as well as a host of Atlanta’s largest advertising agencies.

Founder and Chairman of Play 18-4 Blue, Inc, a Georgia non-profit 501(3)3 corporation.

Our mission at Play 18-4 Blue is four-fold.
1: Build Awareness with men and their loved ones about the serious risks associated with Prostate Cancer.
2: Educate the public at large about Prostate Health, Prostate Cancer Testing and Prevention.
3: Provide Information and resources for Prostate Cancer Treatment and Treatment Options.
4: Encourage men and their loved ones to Get Involved!     Linkedin


George Horrigan/Horrigan & Company CPA’s
Founder and President

Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 George Horrigan 1Horrigan & Company CPA’s P.C., is a full service CPA and Financial Planning firm that provides comprehensive services for both your personal and business areas including a number of unique services that most CPA firms do not provide. Traditional CPA firm services that we provide are: Personal Tax Preparation, Business Tax Preparation and various Accounting Services. Unique services that we provide are: Personal and Business Tax Planning, Personal and Business Financial Planning, Choice of Entity Planning (sole-proprietorship, partnership, C-Corporation, S-Corporation, LLC vs. an LLP) the full range of Business Planning services, Business Valuations and implementation and support of QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting Packages     Linkedin     Twitter     Facebook


Sam Hayes/Caliber Training Group
CEO & Lead Instructor

Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 Sam Hayes 1Samuel R Hayes III is a physical security expert, firearms and combatives instructor and  close personal protection specialist with over 20 years of experience in corporate security operations and protective services for high profile individuals. Hayes has also worked  extensively with various law enforcement and government entities in support of protective  details for key political figures and visiting dignitaries.

He served in Desert Storm and as a private security contractor, was deployed to provide security for BP following Hurricane  Katrina. Today Hayes is CEO and lead instructor in his personal defense training and  consulting company, Caliber Training Group, LLC.   Linkedin   Twitter   Twitter (Sam)   Facebook


BBR Wall of Fame #31



Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 Group 3

Dave Danielson, George Horrigan, Ryan (the intern) McPherson, Jacqui Chew, Sam Hayes


Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 Group 2

Dave Danielson, George Horrigan, Jacqui Chew, Sam Hayes


Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 On-Air 1


Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 Group 4

Dave Danielson, George Horrigan, Ryan (the intern) McPherson, Jacqui Chew, Sam Hayes


Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 On-Air 2


Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 Group 5

Dave Danielson, George Horrigan, Ryan (the intern) McPherson, Jacqui Chew, Sam Hayes


Buckhead Business Radio 09-09-14 On-Air 3


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